Over the borders with the ruling pen

The magic wand was the title of the first workshop of Thomas Hoyer.

This is exactly what the master called his favorite tool-ruling pen. Indeed, the possibilities of using this simple tool are so shocking. And Thomas skills are more impressive. Using the ruling pen he can create not only expressive lettering in italic style, but also imitate other calligraphy tools and styles, witch are not typical for ruling pen at first sight. With several motions and elegant turns of a magic wand Thomas create a beautiful sample of copperplate, and choosing a little bigger tool he can write in powerful and expressive fraktur style. The step beyond the boundaries is one of the main methods of Thomas work, which he taught during his workshops. The topics of workshop’s discussions were different: an increased ability to work with a ruling pen, a fresh view of the fact what is a beautiful letter and whether it should always be beautiful, basic knowledge of composition and non-standard approaches to it. All this had a good effect on  the results of students during the workshops.