The typeface Epiphany based on Old Russian skoropis (cursive writing) of 15th-17th centuries. However it is not a simple imitation of some existing sample of hand. I have tried to convert a free sweeping handwriting into an up-to-date dynamic sans serif face. The font includes contextual alternates, «mast ligatures», monograms and other ligatures, initial and final letters, ornamental characters. It named after Epyphany Premudry (Epyphany the Wise, medieval Russian monk and writer, the end of the 14th-early of the 15th century) and his literary style of «pletenie sloves» (verbiage). The main idea of the typeface is old and new combination. Epiphany is an attempt to re-consider our calligraphic heritage and to realize what the skoropis means for the graphic and type design today. It is a modern approach to the culture of Medieval Russia. Epiphany was exhibited on «Svjato Kyrylyci» festivals in 2007 and 2008. Last year I presented a lecture on this project of type based on old Russian skoropis. It was awarded by the second prize for perfection in the type and graphic design in students competition organized by ParaType. Winner at International type design competition Modern Cyrillic 2009.